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With a massive 10,000 square feet of open space nestled quaintly in the heart of Raleigh (aka the City of Oaks), The White
Magnolia was created exclusively to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability. It is adorned with Victorian Chandeliers while high ceilings and sweeping columns create a feeling of opulence and grandeur. Our colossal wedding suite leaves nothing but opportunity for endless possibilities. Intentionality sets the tone for every element within this grandiose space. An event at The White Magnolia is not just an event. It is specially crafted EXPERIENCE.


The White Magnolia was a dream deferred, but not denied. A desire to be taken from a thought by two individuals who came together with the same idea in mind, this venue was years in the making (neither one of them knew it). Sitting in a room one summer afternoon speaking on their own separate business aspirations, they both stumbled upon the fact that they had long wanted the exact same thing...a wedding venue! Not only that, they both previously wanted the word "magnolia" in the name. With the excitement flowing and their wheels spinning, this couldn't be a coincidence. There was no way that they were going to pass this opportunity up. This was the perfect time to finally make it happen. They put the pen to the paper and developed the concept for "The White Magnolia". Two weeks later they found the perfect space and within a month the papers were signed. The process flowed effortlessly because it was meant to be. Love was put into this space and that is the exact energy we want every one of our client's to feel.

We are ELATED to meet YOU and share our love for YOUR event!

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